reasons you should try camelina oil

recently, camelina oil has gained new attention

Camelina oil has a desirable 2:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid content. The oil comprises 38% omega-3 fatty acids as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), and unlike flaxseed, which has a similarly high ALA content.

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High in Omega-3 Oil

The typical American diet tends to contain 14 to 25 times more omega-6 oils than omega-3 oils. This is a problem because the over-consumption of omega-6 oils has been linked to inflammation, cancer, and heart disease. It’s recommended to eat a healthier balance of oils with more omega-3s and less omega-6s. Camelina oil has twice as many omega-3 oils as omega-6 oils, which is a much healthier ratio than oils like olive, canola, or sunflower seed which have higher amounts of omega-6. Camelina oil is high in ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). ALA has been shown to have a protective effect on heart health, regulate inflammation and improve central nervous system function.

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Contains Vitamin E

Camelina oil is also rich in alpha and gamma-tocopherol, two forms of vitamin E. The antioxidant effects of vitamin E are also important for our health. Vitamin E helps to prevent free radical damage, which in turn can prevent heart disease, arthritis, and cancer. Vitamin E has also been linked to enhanced immune function, prevention of eye problems, and easing of menstrual symptoms.

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Helps Control Cholesterol

Camelina oil is abundant in sterols, which are shown to interfere with cholesterol absorption. In one study, it was shown that adding camelina oil to the participants’ diet reduced blood cholesterol levels. Camelina was twice as effective when compared to olive or canola oil. Also, most of the fats in camelina oil are polyunsaturated. These types of fats are needed for healthy cell function in your body. Whereas, camelina is very low in saturated fats which can lead to increased blood cholesterol and heart disease.

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Heart Health

 Camelina oil lowers blood triglyceride levels. This is good for cardiovascular health as it reduces the risk of heart disease.

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Preventing Inflammation

If you suffer from chronic pain or from an injury, camelina oil can be taken internally as well as used on the skin to work as an anti-inflammatory. This can also work on arthritis pain, something omega-3s are great for!

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Helping Immunity

Camelina oil’s antioxidant content makes it perfect for helping out your immune system.

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Camelina oil can be applied topically to reduce inflammation in arthritis. When taken internally, it provides large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Regular intake of omega- reduces overall inflammation. One can experience a reduction in pain, inflammation, and swelling over the joint. It also boosts mobility in the joint. Camelina oil can be used as a carrier oil. It goes well with rosemary essential oil and this combination can be massaged on the inflamed joint.

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Good for the Brain, Eyes, and Nerves

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like alpha-linolenic acid, EPA, and DHA are helpful in keeping the brain, eyes, and nerves healthy. As a result, camelina oil may protect against cognitive diseases, like Dementia, and Alzheimer’s, eye diseases like macular degeneration, and nerve damage due to inflammation.

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Preventing General Aging

Omega 3s and antioxidants are perfect to combat aging in any form, not just the skin. Keeping your brain healthy with essential fatty acids such as omega 3s is so important. This could decrease your risk of getting Alzheimer’s or dementia in addition to cognitive decline.

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Skin Benefits

 Camelina oil is shown to act as a good skin moisturizer The vitamin E and omega oils help to improve skin tone and prevent free radical Damage.

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Good for Hair

Camelina oil can be used just like olive oil for a hot oil scalp massage. This provides nutrition to the scalp and gets rid of dry skin, dandruff, and flakiness. It helps to keep the hair looking soft and moisturized. Its antioxidants protect the hair shafts from free radical damage.

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As A Cooking Oil

There is growing interest in camelina oil as cooking oil, especially for deep frying. It has the highest smoke point of 475 ° F which is much higher than olive, coconut, canola, grape seed, and most other cooking oils. That is why one can use it for stir-frying, deep frying, and sauteing. Camelina oil has a nutty flavor, which makes it excellent for fried food and other delicacies. Camelina oil is a popular ingredient in paleo recipes.

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Camelina Oil is the New standard for high-omega plant-based fatty acids

Camelina oil is nature’s perfect Omega-3 rich oil, it’s the heart healthy oil you’ve never heard of.

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